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Proactive Approach

We strongly believe that value creation only starts when an acquisition is closed and that informed and active participation is imperative to a successful investment.  Venquest maintains a relatively small number of companies in our portfolio which enables us to truly form working partnerships with owners and operators of our companies.  This is significantly different than many private equity firms which have multiple investment funds and dozens of portfolio companies; clearly they are limited in their ability to provide true hands-on support.  Specifically…. 
  • We insist on capable management and we defer significantly to their knowledge and experience operating the business.
  • We seek to be very well-informed partners so that we can provide support wherever appropriate, whether that be in issues relating to finance, marketing, operations, or simply as a sounding board to discuss ideas.  
  • Rather than talking to management teams once a week or at a quarterly board meeting, we often have daily constructive contact with our executives.  However, we will not be an unnecessary distraction from work that needs to be done.
  • We often fill interim operating roles where needed, such as CFO or providing general management assistance to other company executives, adding value through our long experience in working with many companies and varied situations.
We would welcome any proposed new partner to visit with any of our executives to hear first-hand how we operate.
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