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Diligence and Negotiating Principle

Venquest differentiates itself from other buyers through our extensive due diligence approach whereby we complete much of the work ourselves.  This approach has resulted in a successful track record of financing and completing deals as originally negotiated.  Specifically….
  • We perform a significant amount of up-front diligence to understand companies prior to negotiating specific deal terms. 
  • While many firms outsource their diligence to third parties, Venquest actually performs much of the diligence work including financial analysis, accounting review, industry research and management assessments.  We utilize third party providers to validate our findings prior to closing, but the initial hands-on approach reduces the chances of unfortunate surprises that can sink a deal.
  • As a result of our hands-on diligence, we develop exceptional knowledge of portfolio companies which has enabled us to successfully raise all of the required financing for every deal we have executed an agreement to acquire.
  • We attempt to structure reasonable deals that are fair to all parties involved and we take considerable pride in keeping our word with respect to those terms. 
As a result of this approach, our track record of financing and completing deals on which we are selected as the buyer is exceptional.  Simply put, we have never failed to complete a signed acquisition because we were unable to raise financing.
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